…making the right simple small changes can have long lasting health benefits.

And that all starts with Soul Sister Nosh telling you to…

“…move away from the cookie jar…!”


Soul Sister Nosh – the 100% organic healthy treat company.

Here at Soul Sister Nosh we promote delicious healthy treats to help keep your snacking on the right side of healthy.

All our products are…

  • handmade in-house by us
  • made only with 100% organic raw ingredients
  • healthy, incredibly delicious and provide you with a variety of nutritious benefits

And there’s more for you…

Soul Sister Nosh products are gluten free, dairy free, soy free plus vegan and paleo friendly.

And we have a nut free 100% organic raw ball. We even know kids who take these to school as a healthy snack….brain food as they call it.


Change to Healthy Snacking is easier this way…

Ok, perhaps us telling you to…move away from the cookie jar is not easy for you.

But here’s a thought…

…are you making way too many changes at once?

We know from experience, changing to a healthier lifestyle is a gradual process that needs to have a series of small wins.

It’s ok to start gradually, you just need to start.

And the first small win for you is to replace those unhealthy snacks with healthy snacks that taste just as naughty and just as delicious plus have nutritious benefits.

That’s as easy as doing one thing to start…

…move away from the cookie jar.


This is what makes Soul Sister Nosh different

Soul Sister Nosh jam packs health benefits into a single raw ball more than anyone we know.

To achieve this we use a unique combination of 100% plant based pure grade essential oils to create a variety of flavours and incredible health benefits.

We purposefully developed a product that has a long shelf life without compromising on taste, quality and nutritional values plus be available to people with zero tolerance to dairy, gluten and soy.

And yes, the products are vegan and paleo friendly.

Every 100% organic raw ingredient used in a Soul Sister Nosh product provides health benefits.


A question we get asked a lot is…

“What is nosh?”

You can read more about nosh right here


Above everything else, remember to do this

Get your first small win …

“…move away from the cookie jar…!”


One last thing for you to do…

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