Here at Soul Sister Nosh we know that headline is a big loud bold statement and we love it.


The Best Solution to Healthy Snacking EVER!

It’s so good we just had to type it again.

And the thing that makes the statement even bigger than big is this…

It’s actually a testimonial.

Nope, we didn’t make that testimonial up about our products….(that’s illegal)

Who did make that testimonial?


The Best Solution to Healthy Snacking EVER!

– Sommer Louise


That was a hint 🙂

Sommer Louise, the creative inspiring coach behind the successful company She is Fierce & Fabulous made that testimonial about Soul Sister Nosh.

You can see for yourself right here in this video interview with Sommer.


If you don’t know Sommer yet, you should.

Sommer is knowledgeable about nutrition, the body, health and wellbeing, fitness training and mindset….

…and there’s more.

She is a writer, blogger, published author and there’s even more…

Sommer walks the talk everyday.


This story blew the Soul Sister Nosh team away

Putting aside The Best Solution to Healthy Snacking EVER! testimonial (only for a few seconds).

Here’s one thing the Soul Sister Nosh team found out about Sommer a few days back and were blown away.

On Sommer’s blog, check out the About page.

In the pictures you’ll see Sommer the body builder.

But get this.

She didn’t do it only to get into competition.

She hated being on the body building stage.

She didn’t do it for narcissism.

She didn’t do it to look great (she always does)


She did it for this reason ONLY…

…so she could clearly understand the mindset of a body builder to help out one of her clients.

Now that is one tough lady you want in your corner.

Am I right?

You bet!


And that’s what makes the testimonial about Soul Sister Nosh products bigger than big

It was made by a leader in the health and wellbeing industry who is admired by many, has helped many and will help many more.

The Best Solution to Healthy Snacking EVER! (we just had to type it again)

Now go checkout She is Fierce & Fabulous and make sure you sign up.