Just like me, I’m pretty sure you’ve had good intentions of making a change to healthy snacking and said to yourself…

“…hmm, I’ll start tomorrow”

Can you relate to that?

Yes…I know I can (especially if I was holding a bar of chocolate).

Good intentions are nice but let’s face it there’s not much real value in a good intention.

And just like me I’m sure you’ve had some good intentions about changing your eating habits but perhaps that’s as far as it got.



So why do people fail to make that change to healthy snacking?

Because this often happens….

…we get involved in other things and it’s easier to let those good intentions fizzle away.

So what’s the answer?

“Just do it!”….have you heard that before?

Yea I know it gets annoying but it does hit the nail on the head (thwack!)

If you’ve shared your good intention with someone they might have responded with “..sounds great, you should just do it.”

Perhaps you’ve never shared your good intention with anyone and you tell yourself “..sounds great, I should just do it.”


Sorry, here’s more bad news I need you to know…

That “just do it” is not going to get you past the “…hmm, I’ll start tomorrow” trap.

Darn, it’s like groundhog day [face palm]


I love this simple quote…

There is always a gap between intention and action.

– Paulo Coelho

Simple but hits home hard.

I’ll show you later in this article how to plug Paulo’s gap (ouch, sounds nasty)


2 things that stop people like you and me from following through on a good intention


1. Not willing to change

To make a lifestyle change, you will need to stop doing something you are presently doing.

Yep, you have to give up something.

Focusing on what you are stopping only intensifies your thought of change as a gruelling process.

Your mind then starts to be dominated and coerced by excuses.

And this is when good intentions fizzle away.


2. Simple is boring

Many people won’t obtain desirable results because they cannot follow a simple step-by-step process.

Many people find simple just plain boring.

They add complexity to introduce a level of excitement and grandeur.

Problem with that is….

….complexity increases unproductiveness and disorganisation.

And when that happens…you guessed it…

… this is when good intentions fizzle away.


3 Ways to stop the fizzle

Change can be challenging so you need to

  1. focus on the outcome, the long term health benefits.
  2. be committed to the change
  3. keep things simple


And here’s the kicker to making that change to healthy snacking…

You only need to make one simple change at a time.

And that first change is this….


Get snap happy with your snacks

That’s right….

…take a photo of your snacks before you eat them.

Put’s a whole new spin on ‘watch what you eat’


There have been many studies related to food journaling and all have proven to help people make healthier food choices.


Past studies have shown that dieters who make a note of what they eat lose three times as much weight as those who simply try to eat more healthily.


The easiest and perhaps most convenient is the photo journal.


Why is this photo journal so effective?

In one research study by Dr Lydia Zepeda explains it like this…

“the act of taking a pic would make people more aware of what they were eating in the moment – and motivate them to change their mind.”


Did it work?

Yep it sure did.

Here are some comments from the participants….

“I had to think more carefully about what I was going to eat because I had to take a picture of it.”


“It curbed my choices. It didn’t alter them completely, but who wants to take a photo of a jumbo bag of M&Ms?”


Snack Snap – step-by-step to making that change to healthy snacking

On your phone….

Week 1

  1. Create a new folder in your photo
  2. Call it ‘Old Snacks’
  3. Each time you have a snack take a photo before you eat it
  4. Save the photo in the ‘Old Snacks’ folder

By the end of the first week you should have quite a few photos of not so healthy looking snacks.

But don’t feel bad because this first step needed to be completed and if you’ve done that, kudos to you.

Week 2

  1. Create a 2nd folder in your photo
  2. Call it ‘Healthy Snacks’
  3. Each time you have a snack take a photo before you eat it

Heres the twist…

You now decide if the photo is to go in the ‘Old Snacks’ or ‘Healthy Snacks’ folder.


What to do after 2 weeks…

You keep going and more importantly tell others about it.


What’s going to happen after 2 weeks

Most people will feel the need to populate the ‘Healthy Snacks’ folder with photos and try harder to avoid eating snacks that will go in the ‘Old Snacks’ folder.

You might notice throughout week 1 you ate a lot of one particular type of not so healthy snack.

So now you can simply replace that not so healthy snack with a healthy snack.


Remember just make one simple change at a time.

By committing and actioning the Snack Snap, the importance to you on healthy snacking grows at a much faster rate.

It’s what psychology calls the snowball effect.

No, it’s nothing to do with Olaf.


One last thing for you….

Small wins are great.

You should always celebrate the small wins.