Good news for you Snickers lovers!


Putting aside all the global recalls and the 2016 banning of Snickers in United Arab Emirates (as part of another recall), we’re positive a lot of people agree…

…they taste so darn good.


Surprisingly people ask… are Snickers healthy?

A search on Google for showed more than 430,000 search results… (okay, that was way too geeky)

Now we’re pretty certain you don’t need to look up on the Internet to know the real answer is a whopping big NO.

But we’re not here to bash Snickers.


How Soul Sister Nosh made Snickers healthy

It began in collaboration with one of our favourite local cafes Five Sparrows Cafe

( in: @fivesparrowscafe   fb: fivesparrowscafe )….they’re in Berwick VIC so check them out when you’re in the area.

Five Sparrows Cafe asked if we could come up with a product that tastes…

…something like Snickers but healthy.

Yea, no problem we said not knowing how we were possibly going to do that or even where to start.

But at least we all agreed they do taste good.


Unveiling of the new product

After many tasting sessions, thinking thinking thinking, late-night mixing plus trial and error…

Soul Sister Nosh created a unique combination of ingredients inspired by the taste and flavour of Snickers.

We proudly rolled out our brand new product…

…[ fanfare and ticker tape parade ]…

Cacao & Crunchy Nut

…is a healthy delicious nutritious 100% organic raw treat inspired by the taste and flavour of Snickers. 

Our organic cacao and crunchy nut is a high protein snack that boosts your mood and keeps you alert.

We made Snickers healthy!


Our Cacao and Crunchy Nut treats are so popular with our lovely customers we’re working hard to keep up with demand.


Cacao & Crunchy Nut is available from our online store

Click on the pics and you’ll be whisked away to our store.

Standard bag size

8 x 20 gram Cacao & Crunchy Nut 100% Organic Raw Balls per packet to benefit your health and keep sweet cravings at bay.

Cacao & Crunchy Nut Standard








Mini Snack Pack range

6 x 12g Cacao & Crunchy Nut 100% Organic Raw Balls per packet.

Cacao Crunchy Nut Mini Snack Pack








Cafe Style

24 gram Cacao & Crunchy Nut 100% Organic Raw Balls

If you want the larger cafe sized Cacao & Crunchy Nut balls you’ll have to go to Five Sparrows Cafe

A customer sent us this picture after eating some of our new Nosh at Five Sparrows Cafe.

We made Snickers healthy - cafe size


We love our customers and that’s why we made Snickers healthy.


Have you tasted our Cacao & Crunchy Nut….if not, what are you waiting for!