We admit, the word nosh can seem a little strange.

It took us a long time searching, thinking (ouch) discussing, writing that word down so many times before we used it.

It’s given us quite a few chuckles hearing some interesting pronunciations such as…





And this is great.


Here’s why…

People regularly ask us about the word nosh.

What does it mean?

How to say it?

Who thought of it?

Is it a real word?

So you see, it’s become a great conversation opener.

They get to know us, connect us to the word and (hopefully) remember us.


So what actually is nosh?

Let’s get you in the know…

nosh   [nŏsh]


a nourishing snack between meals (or anytime from our experience)


to snack on, to eat lightly, grab a quick bite,

to feel great, nosh on Soul Sister Nosh organic raw treats


It’s used mostly in the UK.

Sooooo, to give it that authenticity you could try saying it with an English accent such as a….

  • pompous aristocrat
  • cockney londoner
  • Ringo Starr
  • name your own

Go on, try saying it with a different accent.

‘ave a laff guv’nor